Monday, 3 January 2011

The Ark of Dust - Mission III - Scramble

Deployment and Forces
Space Marines:
The Space Marine player has one squad consisting of five terminators. The Space Wolf squad consists of a sergeant armed with a Power Axe and Storm Shield, a marine with an Assault Cannon, two armed with Storm Bolters and Power Fists and one armed with a Chainfist and Storm Bolter. The Space Marine player deploys on the squad on the starting squares shown on the map.
The Genestealer player begins the mission with two blips, and receives one reinforcement blip per turn. Blips may enter play at any entry area.

Special Rules
Bombs: In order to achieve their mission goals, the Space Marines must place and arm bombs in the rooms marked A, B, C and D. In order to place and arm a bomb, a Space Marine must be standing in the room and expend a full four action and/or command points.

Space Marines:
In order to win the mission, the Space Marine player must place bombs in all 4 rooms and have at least one marine leave the board via the marked exit point. If all 4 bombs are placed and armed but no Marines escape the board, the mission can be considered a draw.
The Genestealer player garners an outright win if he can kill all 5 Space Marines before they have placed and armed all three bombs. If the Genestealer player can prevent the Marine player from getting a Marine off the board after he has armed all 4 bombs, he may still attain a drawn result.

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