Quick Missions

The missions on this page are designed to be played anywhere between 30 minutes and an hour. They each use no more than 20 floor tiles, 8 doors and only use tiles and miniatures found inside the 3ed boxed game. I will be irregularly adding missions to this page. Sometimes they will be all new, other times adapted versions of my campaign missions. They've all been thoroughly playtested and are certainly fun. Each operates in the vein of Suicide Mission in terms of length and how forgiving they are, often not giving you much room for error.

Mission A - Swift Destruction
Can the squad of Terminators plant the explosives and get away with their lives?

Mission B - Locked In
A Terminator is stranded with no ammo and some important data on the Genestealer threat. Can a small rescue squad retrieve him from the room he has locked himself in.