Space Hulk - The Ark of Dust Campaign

A campaign involving Space Wolves and Blood Angels

To play this campaign you would ideally* have the things I do. These include
- A BA Terminator armed with a cyclone missile launcher
- A Space Wolf Terminator Squad armed with the following
- Sergeant with Power Axe and Storm Shield
- 2 Terminators with Storm Bolter and Power Fist
- 1 Terminator with Assault Cannon and Power Fist
- 1 Terminator with Storm Bolter and Chain Fist
- 6 Genestealers with extended carapace

* If you don't have these things, you can always use the alternative rules I have published, allowing you to use only the models from the Space Hulk box. Check out those rules right here

Mission 1 - Breakthrough A squad of Space Wolves and a squad of Blood Angels work together to try to achieve a near impossible mission from which they are unlikely to return.
Mission 2 - Surgical Destruction After the breakthrough, the survivors of the Blood Angels squad link up with a lone wolf and try to complete their mission. Can the squad survive considering the sergeant failing leadership skills.
Mission 3 - Scramble The Space Wolves fared much better than the Blood Angels but meet much stronger opposition in placing the last of their explosive charges. What will become of them?
Mission 4 - Bastion Escaping from the teeming corridors of the blast area, the Space Wolves find themselves stranded. Now they must create a defensible area while they wait for rescue and ponder whether their lives are to be deemed worth saving by the mission commanders.

The pdf is available at scribd. See below.
Space Hulk - Ark of Dust Part 1