Saturday, 11 February 2012

Khorne, Slaanesh, Beastman, Amazon (modified) and Tzeentch team rules for Blood Bowl

Here's a cheeky bonus for all you wonderful people. New teams for Blood Bowl modified from the old, unbalanced "Forgotten Chaos Teams" article that can still be found online.

Blood Bowl Chaos Power Teams 2012 V1

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  1. 1. Blue Horrors can not be purchased for the team. The only way they can be added to the roster is via a Horror Division. Once a Pink Horror separates in this way, he is dead and so no longer counts towards the 0-2 limit for Pink Horrors. Blue Horrors are worth 50,000 gp each when added to your roster.

    1. There is no limit to the number of Blue Horrors you can have on your team via Horror Division, as long as the team does not exceed 16 players. If you can not fit both Blue Horrors on to your roster, the second Blue Horror is lost.

      When Horror Division occurs, place the two new Blue Horrors in to the Reserves box immediately.

  2. HAHA awesome. I was just looking at the old forgotten chaos teams rules YESTERDAY and thinking it would be cool to update them.

    I REALLY like what you've done. Am going to figure out which team I can collect but also use Counts As for one of the 23 teams.

    Where in Canada are you?

  3. Updated with a Slaanesh Dark Elf Cult team and rules clarifications. Enjoy.