Tuesday, 21 December 2010

The Ark of Dust - Mission 1 - Breakthrough

Mission I – Breakthrough

Deployment and Forces
Space Marines:
The space marine player has two squads, One Space Wolf squad and one Blood angels squad. The Space Wolf squad consists of a sergeant armed with a Power Axe and Storm Shield, a marine with an Assault Cannon, two armed with Storm Bolters and Power Fists and one armed with a Chainfist and Storm Bolter. The Blood Angels squad consists of a sergeant armed with a Power Sword and Storm Bolter, a marine armed with a Storm Bolter, Power Fist and Cyclone Missile Launcher (loaded with Web Missiles), 2 armed with Storm Bolters and Power Fists and one armed with a Storm Bolter and Chain Fist.
The Genestealer player begins the mission with four blips and receives two reinforcement blips per turn. Blips may enter play at any entry area.

Special Rules
All doors in this area of the hulk are prone to malfunction. Upon attempting to open any door, either player must roll a D6. On a 4+ the door will open as normal. On a roll of 3 or less, the door jams and must be destroyed in order for the player to continue. The marine player may do this in the normal manner while a genestealer player must expend one action point to destroy a door once it has malfunctioned.

Space Marines:
The Space Marine player wins by getting 3 or more terminators off the board via EACH exit point, for a total of 6 Space Marines. It is not necessary for the Marines to be from the same squad. The Space Marine may achieve a drawn result by only getting 3 marines off the board via one exit point.
The Genestealer player wins if the marine player cannot achieve his objective, either through killing eight marines or it becoming impossible for the marine player to get three marines off via one exit point.

Unique Weaponry
Power Axe
Like the power sword, the power axe is a rare and extremely effective weapon awarded to Space Marines that have proven themselves in battle. When fighting in a close assault to his front, a Space Marine armed with a power axe always wins drawn combats.
Cyclone Missile Launcher (loaded with web missiles)
The cyclone missile launcher is a devastating, shoulder mounted missile launcher not suited to combat in the dense and unstable environs of the inside of a Space Hulk, where the highly explosive ammunition may cause explosive decompression. However, when loaded with web missiles, it becomes a highly effective defensive weapon, used to block off corridors and prevent the enemy from advancing. The cyclone missile launcher may be fired twice in a game, blocking off any tile space within line of sight and twelve squares of the user for the remainder of the game.This weapon costs two AP to fire and cannot be fired as part of a combined action.


  1. Hi,
    I had a first try at this mission today (played alone). I stopped when I lost my 6th marines, and didn't go further to try and get a draw.
    My first impression is that it seems to be a quite balanced mission, with two different periods in the game : before and after firing the web missiles).

    My game didn't go very well due to 2 main factors : I wanted to rush in the beginning and bad luck (dice and CP). The placing of the different marines at the beginning obviously will play a major role in the game.

    So I wanted to advance too quickly at the beginning of the game (the map is quite big so I was afraid the game would be too long), hence some bad positioning. Then I decided to take my time and things got better.
    However, and besides several marines in overlapping overwatches, bad dice rolls had my marines dying one after another.

    What would I recommend for this mission?
    1) think about the initial positions of your marines
    2) don't rush, good placing and time will see you progress through the board unscathed (with an average CP draw)

    Thanks Adam for letting us play with your custom missions. They provide a new challenge and make the game alive

  2. Assuming this is still being read, can the webs be destroyed?