Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Space Hulk!

If you've found me, you'll have seen my first mission post. You probably haven't played it yet. Give it a shot, but I warn you, it is not for the weak willed.

This is by design. I, personally, find 9 of the 12 missions in the 3rd edition far too easy as the marine player. You stand there, you kill stuff, you move. I've decided to write a campaign that will redress this balance. The missions are much harder as the marine player and present new tactical challenges for the 'stealers in terms of how you manipulate the environment. Missions 1 through 3 have been heavily playtested and are all do-able.

What's coming up? Rules for different Genestealer strains, character profiles, rules for Wolf Lords, a couple more missions and ideas for toughening up the missions in the mission book from the box. Comment and tell me what you think of the mission I've posted and look for an update in a couple of weeks.

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