Friday, 15 April 2011

Quick Mission - Locked In

Hey there guys. This isn't anything like either of the missions I was intending to post tonight but it's the best I can offer at short notice. The laptop I use for all my mission editing has gone to crap and so I've mocked up this little number to tide you over until I can get it fixed and get to the tilesystem maps for my other two missions.

The last survivor of a survey team has locked himself in to a room on the hulk. He is out of ammo and carrying vital data about the Genestealers on board the hulk. It has been deemed vitally important that he be, rescued no matter the cost.

Space Marines: The Space Marine player has two squads. Squad One consists of a sergeant armed with a storm bolter and power sword, one Space Marine armed with a heavy flamer and a power fist, and two Space Marines armed with storm bolter and power fist. This squad is deployed on the four marked squares at the Space Marine exit area. Squad two consists of one Space Marine armed with a storm bolter and power fist. He is deployed in room A.

Genestealers: The Genestealer player begins the game with no blips, and receives two reinforcement blips per turn. Blips may enter play at any entry area.

Locked In: The Space Marine inside room A is locked in. He has done this himself by jamming the lock  and reinforcing the door. His storm bolter is out of ammo so he will not come out until another Space Marine spends 1AP opening the door and throwing him some ammo for his storm bolter, then he may leave the room and move and fire as normal. The Genestealers can not open the door by any means.

Space Marines: The Space Marine player wins if he succeeds in getting the Space Marine trapped in room A off the board via the Space Marine entry area. When this happens the game ends and the Space Marines win immediately.

Genestealers: The Genestealer player wins if he kills all the Space Marines in Squad One before they convince the Marine in room A to open the door and come out, or by killing the Marine in room A after he has been convinced to open the door.

I will get the other missions to you as soon as possible. Consider this one a cheeky bonus for your benefit as an apology for the wait.

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