Friday, 15 April 2011

Two new Space Hulk missions tonight

Okay, so two missions going up tonight.

First up is Mission V from the Ark of Dust campaign, titled "Hopeless" and details the first part of the rescue mission launched by a lightning claw armed Wolf Guard to rescue any survivors of the ill-fated Space Wolf squad trapped in Mission IV and detonate the explosives placed by them, by hand if necessary.

The other mission is the first of the Quick Missions, designed to play in around the same time as Suicide Mission while presenting marine and genestealer players with new tactical problems. All these missions are one offs (so not part of a campaign) and use only the contents of the Space Hulk 3ed box. They all use less than 20 tiles (so small maps) and, like Suicide Mission, are fairly unforgiving (though not as challenging as some of my campaign missions.)

Look for both to go up around Midnight EST/5am GMT.

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