Monday, 21 March 2011

Space Hulk Ark of Dust - Mission IV - Bastion (modified)

Adapted again to fix the broken bulkhead rules.

Deployment and Forces
Space Marines:

The Space Marine player has one squad consisting of five terminators. The Space Wolf squad consists of a sergeant armed with a Power Axe and Storm Shield, a marine with an Assault Cannon, two armed with Storm Bolters and Power Fists and one armed with a Chainfist and Storm Bolter. The Space Marine player must split his squad in to two teams. One team of two marines must be placed in Room A and one team of three marines must be placed in Room B.
The Genestealer player begins the mission with one blip. The rest of the blips must be divided in to reinforcement groups. 7 single blip counters and 7 stacks of two blip counters must be laid out at random. The Genestealer may play one of these 14 reinforcement groups per turn (so either one or two blips.) Once he runs out of blips, recycle the stacks into an even number of single blip and stacks of two Genestealer blips and continue doing this until the game is over

Special Rules:
Sealing Bulkheads: There is a sealable bulkhead at every Genestealer entry point. In order to seal a bulkhead, a Terminator must stand next to the entry point and spend  1AP or CP. This can not be a combined action. Once the bulkhead is sealed, the marine player removes the purple Genestealer entry point marker. The Genestealer player may no longer bring Genestealers on here.

Space Marines:

In order to win the mission, the Space Marine must seal all of the bulkheads at every Genestealer entry point and have at least one surviving marine at the end of the game.
The Genestealer player wins if he kills all of the Space Marines before he can seal all of the bulkheads.

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