Saturday, 19 March 2011

Ark of Dust Background - Squad Azaroth

Sergeant Azaroth heard only dimly the bark of Squad Lupus' Storm Bolters. His squad was tasked with following in the wake of Lupus to attempt to establish a line of retreat for the squad. It hadn't worked out so well. His squad had been divided when a large wave of xenos had swept through their location. He was alone and sealed behind a bulkhead awaiting rescue.

He wondered what had happened to his squad. Xavier's fate was certain. He had seen him carried off by several of the beasts and lose his power fist arm in the process. He was a good soldier and a close brother. It pained Azaroth to think of him as gone. Jagg had sprinted off ahead, impetuous youth that he was, after realising there was no way backwards anymore with Azaroth's blessing. If there was a chance he could assist Lupus in their goal, good luck to him. Circe and Orris were further back. Their chances for survival were best and he was sure they would be able to link up with the other squads, themselves following in Squad Azaroth's wake.

The sound of gunfire was gone. Only the clacking of claws on metal gantries remained. Azaroth sighed. No chance for rescue before they got to him now.

Something clawed at the door. Azaroth pointed his Storm Bolter at it and loosed off a shot. It punched a hole in the metal and exploded in the air out of his sight. One of the xenos squealed. Azaroth smiled and more scratches followed. He calmly loaded in a fresh clip and carefully aiming, unloaded it in to the door. As the door gave way, he had a satisfying glimpse of a pile of purple and blue multi-limbed corpses laying in an untidy pile before the frame was filled with the Genestealer's much more mobile kin. Another second passed and Azaroth would never see anything again.

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