Saturday, 19 March 2011

Ark of Dust Update and other Space Hulk related news

Hey guys,

Coming at the start of April are missions V and VI of the Ark of Dust campaign. These missions will be as hard as they have ever been and will rock you like a hurricane. In particular, Mission VI is a doozy which includes a tiny squad, a terrifying map, plenty of Genestealer psychological game-playing and a Broodlord. I will be posting both on the same day and they are intended for back to back play.

Also, coming a week after that will be the first of my Space Hulk quick missions. Intended to be played in the vein of Suicide Mission and able to be used right outta the box, they're short, tough, well balanced but unforgiving missions which you can play inside a half hour.

I have the parts now to put together a Deathwing Terminator squad and so expect to see some pictures of these, my Blood Angels, Space Wolves, Ultramarines and Grey Knights soon, as well as my Fallen Terminator Lord. The first playtestable missions from the Deathwing Campaign will be coming soon after.

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