Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Grey Knights

The preorders for the new Grey Knights go up tomorrow (or so a little bird tells me.) As such I will be posting playtestable rules for Grey Knights in Space Hulk as imagined by wonderful me as soon as I see what wonderful gadgets we'll be getting in the new kits.

Keep your eyes open :D

Update : All kinds of good ideas coming in to my head. Was struggling with how hardcore Grey Knights would be considering they're almost all armed for both CC and shooting. The variety of weapons was easy to come up with rules for (the psilencer and halberds are a personal favourite) but our lovely 'stealers wouldn't stand a chance.

So I replaced them with Khornate daemons. Bloodletters would all have parry wouldn't they? Flesh-Hounds would be exceptional on the "charge" and a Juggernaught as a boss with parry, mighty blow and Broodlord-esque resiliency? Now we have a much more fitting challenge!
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